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New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,

(A State Govt. Company)

(Formerly Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,)

Application Form For Setting Up

New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.

Application Form for Setting Up Power Generation from Industrial Waste Power Projects

1 Name of Promoter/Investor :
2 Regd. Office Address :
  Tele No/Fax No :
3 Postal Address :
  Tele No/Fax No/email :
4 Name of Project :
5 Nature of Project along with Capacity :
6 Location (city/district/state) :
7 Name of financial institution with which financial Tie –ups to be made :
8 Total cost of Project
      a. Pre-project cost
      b. Capital cost
      c. Other cost
      d. Total
9 Means of financing
      a. Promoters direct equity
      b. Loans with details from FIs
      c. From other sources
10 Whether grid-connected or captive :
11 Details of Application/Registration fee paid @ Rs.25, 000/- per MW :  DD No:     Date:        Rs.
Certified that the above information given by me on behalf of my firm/company is correct in all respects and no factual information has been suppressed.
(Signature of the Applicant)
Note: The Application should be furnished in full form with all required documents.
Incomplete Application/Shortfall of Documents will not be considered & no correspondence on shortfalls shall be made by NEDCAP.


A. Certified Copy of the Registration Certificate.
B. Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
C. Certified copy of the authorization confirming power on the power(s) to execute of Agreements with NEDCAP/Other Government(on Rs.100/-Non Judicial Stamp Paper)
D. Balance sheet of last three (3) years. (Applicable for existing companies)
E. Detailed Project Report (Two Copies)
F. Name and Capacity of the Technical Director(s) and Tie up with Technical institutions
G. Income-Tax returns of the individual Directors.
H. Net worth certificate in case New Company (Chartered Accountant)
I. Bank Demand Draft towards Registration fee Rs.25,000/- per Mega Watt in favour of VC & Managing Director, NEDCAP Ltd., Hyderabad
J. Agreement on Rs.100/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper with the poultry firm Owners for a period of 12 years to supply the poultry dropping required over and above raw material available from the existing poultry firms in case of poultry based power projects.