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New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,

(A State Govt. Company)

(Formerly Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,)

Application form for Submitting Proposals for Registration of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure.

Application form for Submitting Proposals for Registration of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure.

All *marked fields are mandatory

I *PURPOSE OF EV Charging Stations
(Strike off whichever is not applicable)
1. * Name of the Applicant / Organization
2. * Company registered under
3. *Address
  *a. Office Phone Number *Office Email ID  
  *b. Authorised Person Prime Contact Person
  * Designation *Mobile Number
  *c. Alternate Contact person
  * Designation *Mobile Number
4. *PAN Number  
5. *GST Number (copy to be enclosed)  
6. *Present activity/business carried on by the applicant/ organization.
7. *Give details of the turnover of the organization in last three years (copies of the profit and loss account and Balance Sheet/ Annual Report to be enclosed). In case of new entrepreneur, a fulfillment certificate obtained from Charted Accountant shall be furnished.
III. a. Location of the proposed site with details
1 *Location Details
  *a. Location of proposed site with details
  *b. Land details of the Charging Station site
  *i) Name of village/area *ii) Mandal
  *iii) District *iv) Pin Code
  v) Survey Nos. vi) Land Extent survey No.wise
  * vii) Geo-graphical co-ordinates of Location viii) Type of land ownership
2 Nearest sub-station details
  a) DISCOM Name b) Name & Address of Sub Station
  c) Voltage Level of Substation d) Distance from Proposed Charging Station in Kms
3 *Proposed Gross Capacity Charging Station (KW)
  a)Type of Charger b) Number of Chargers
  c)Capacity of each Charger/ Swapping Station d) Number of Guns for each charger/ Swapping Stations
  e)Details of certificate from designated testing labs to the charging infrastructure f) Details of Network Service Provider(NSP)
4. Estimated cost of the project proposed (Rs.)  
5. Planned duration for commissioning of the project. (Months)  
1. *Amount Paid
*2. Mode of Payment

NREDCAP Bank Details:
New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of AP Ltd.
Bank: State Bank of India, A/c No: 5218 8926 870, IFSC Code: SBIN0012870

3. Transaction Details:
  *Bank Name *Reference Number
  *Transaction Date  

i) I/We certify that all information furnished is true to the best our knowledge
ii) I/We abide by the rules and regulations, terms and conditions laid down by NREDCAP, CEIG, APDISCOM, Local Urban/Rural Government or any other Government departments.
iii) We submit the required information periodically and give access to the our charging station online data

VI. Enclousers

1. Certified copy of Registration Certificate.
2. Copy of PAN Card / DIN No.
3. Copy of GST Registration
4. Certified copy of the Authority confirming powers on the person(s) who are competent to execute the MOU/the agreement with NREDCAP/DISCOM.
5. Registration fee by way of Demand Draft, drawn in favour of NREDCAP Ltd, payable at Tadepalli.
6. Certificate from authrorised laboratories for charging equipment.
7. Any other relevant information related to proposed Charging Stations.
8. Layout of Charging Infrastructure

The above documents in soft copy may be furnished to evci@nredcap.in after submitting the application in online and hard copies to Head Office, NREDCAP