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New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,

(A State Govt. Company)

(Formerly Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.,)

Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Export Policy - 2020

Application for Wind-Solar Hybrid Project under Andhra Pradesh RE Export Policy - 2020

All *marked fields are mandatory

  *1. Name of the Organization *2. Regd. Office address with Telephone number
  *3. Type of the Organization (Private / Public Ltd., Partnership firm etc.) *4. Name of the Authorized Signatory (Board Resolution with Power of Attorney shall be enclosed)
  *5. Email   *6. Mobile Number
  *7. Present Activity / Business *8. PAN No. (copy to be enclosed)
  *9. GST No.(copy to be enclosed) *10. Turnover of the Company in last three years in Crores (Attach copies of Annual Reports)
  *11. Net Profit of the Company in last three years in Crores *12. Net worth of the Company at the end of last financial year as per the Company’s Act 2013 in Crores (Certificate from Chartered Accountant to be enclosed as per the format attached)
  *13. Experience in executing Renewable Energy Power Projects in MW (Details shall be enclosed in a separate sheet in prescribed format) *14. Details of Joint Venture/Consortium if any(The information related to Lead Member and agreements if any shall be provided)
  *15. Details of Renewable Energy Manufacturing facility existing in the AP State. Complete details like Year of establishment, Production capacity, investment, employment created both direct/in-direct, etc., shall be provided separately)  
  1. Capacity Proposed (in MW)    
  *a) Wind Power *b) Solar Power
  *c) Total Capacity in MW (c = a + b)  
  2. Details of Site(s)/ location/Topo sheet No. proposed (location on topo sheet shall be attached)
  *i) Name of the village *ii) Mandal
  *iii) District *iv) Survey Nos.
  *v) Land Extent Survey No. wise *vi) Is it Govt. land or Pvt. Land
  *3) Coordinates of the Proposed Site(s) * 4) Whether the land is acquired? If so, details of extent of land (in acres) Attach a copy of ‘Sale Deed’
  5) Inter connection point for evacuation of Power with voltage ratio 6) Nearest APTRANSCO substation if the power is proposed to be exported through APTRANSCO substation (also indicate the voltage ratio of s/s and injection voltage level.
  Add Wind-Solar Power Projcet 2 Details
*Total Capacity Proposed (in MW)  
  1) Expected combined CUF (%) 2) No. of hours of Round The Clock (RTC) Power envisaged if any
  3) Arrangements made if any for export of power (Details of agreements shall be enclosed) * 4) Estimated project cost in crores
  * 5) Sources of finance of the project * 6) Whether Detailed Project Report is enclosed ( Yes/No)
IV. * DETAILS OF APPLICATION/PROCESSING FEE: (Non-refundable @ Rs.25,000/- + 18% GST per MW by way of Demand Draft, drawn in favour of NREDCAP Ltd, payable at Tadepalli, Guntur district)
  *1) Application fee (in Rs.) *2) GST ( in Rs.)
  *3) Total amount (in Rs.) *4) Demand draft /RTGS/NEFT No. & date
  *5) Bank/Branch    


1. Certified copy of Registration Certificate and Memorandum of Articles of the Public/Private Ltd Company
2. If the company is in Joint Venture / Consortium, the information related to Lead Member and agreements if any shall be provided
3. Copy of PAN Card / DIN No.
4. Copy of GST Registration
5. Certified copy of the Authority conferring powers on the person(s) who are competent to execute the agreement with the NREDCAP, AP Transco / DISCOM
6. Net worth Certificate certified by Chartered Accountant
7. Annual report/Balance sheets of the company for the last three years
8. DPR covering all aspects of site location, feasibility of site, technical, financial and managerial capabilities, selection of equipment, proposed power evacuation arrangement, capital cost, cost of generation, duration of plan for completion of the project, etc. along with Topo sheet indicating the location and boundaries of the proposed project area.
9. Wind Data validated by National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) along with the DPR Should be provided.
10. Solar insolation data
11. Details of experience in executing RE Power projects.
12. Details of technical collaboration if any, in the area of RE Hybrid Power Projects and Energy Storage Projects
13. Non-refundable application/processing fee by way of Demand Draft @ Rs.25,000/- + 18% GST per MW, drawn in favour of NREDCAP Ltd, payable at Tadepalli, Guntur district
14. Attach relevant documents required if any, as per the above application

The above documents in soft copy may be furnished to reep@nredcap.in after submitting the application in online and hard copies to Head Office, NREDCAP

Note: The application completed in all respects along with related documents and non-refundable processing fee shall be considered as final submission of application. The allotment of the project or rejection of the proposal based on fulfilling the Technical and Financial criteria shall be at the sole discretion of NREDCAP and the decision of NREDCAP is final and binding.

I/We certify that all information furnished is true to the best of my/our knowledge. We also agree to sign necessary agreement with NREDCAP and abide by the prevailing rules and regulations of Government of India/Government of Andhra Pradesh and regulations of the appropriate Commission.

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